Being the main focal point of many rooms and one facet always facing the outside, windows are subjected to a lot of interference from such things as fingerprints, grime and the adverse effects of weather that can cause dirt buildup, scratches and staining. Not caring for windows can even cause problems further down the line, even with new windows, leading to issues with efficiency and even cracks in both the panes and the surrounding materials.

Rainwater, temperature fluctuations and projectiles are just some of the nasty things that windows have to endure and over time, all of these will reduce the efficacy of your windows as cracks are formed in frames by heating and cooling, dirt accumulates in the cracks and they eventually split open.

Because of this, everyone has issues with their windows sooner or later but no matter what the issue is, unless something has caused the window to be damaged beyond repair, there are always things that you can do, including: 

  • Professional repair
  • Classic cleaning
  • Preventative measures

Items such as cracks and scratches are bad for windows but they can almost always be repaired by professional companies while most of the time a window just needs a good old scrub and there are preventative measures that you can take in order to protect your windows and reduce harm by the elements.

Professional Repair

Like most things in, around and outside the home, windows can be repaired without being replaced. Because of the materials that they are made from, windows are obviously prone to cracks and scratches which can be caused by many things. The weather is the primary cause of windows scratches and cracks but they can also be caused by cleaning with the wrong products, something striking the glass or closing a window too hard.

For the most part, cleaning a window properly will remove most artifacts and is usually enough to make any smaller scratches or minor cracks almost invisible but every now and then a scratch might be deep enough that a professional Glass Scratch Remover is necessary. There are companies that specialize in glass refurbishment where a new window isn’t required and their techniques can make an older window look as good as new.

Glass becomes worn over time and no matter how well you look after it, it will always require the occasional touch up whether there are scratches, chips or cracks and many of the best companies for repairing glass have methods that extend to repairing, polishing and buffing mirrors and glass furniture such as tables.

Classic Cleaning

Your windows are probably in better shape than you might think and all that is required is the right solution (both figuratively and literally), a bit of time and lots of elbow grease. Despite their large appearance and prone to staining, windows are actually rather easy to clean when you know how but they can take a while depending on how dirty they are, how large they are or their reachability.

You could hire a window cleaner to clean windows for you, and this might be advised with hard-to-reach windows such as those on a higher floor but for most, you can do this yourself. Window cleaning products are available and they do a great job, but if you cannot access these then some household chemical solutions might be easy to create. A mixture of water, vinegar and detergent is a tried and tested method of cleaning windows. Spring is the best time to clean windows and specifically when the sun’s not shining directly on them as this will cause streaks and water spots to appear.

As well as the correct solution, the right equipment is a must. For basic cleaning all that is required is a bucket, a sponge and a squeegee but there are alternative pieces of equipment available that will yield better results. Professional window cleaning equipment such as poles and high-quality cleaning heads are available and even these are relatively cheap to purchase but will provide superior results over a sponge. 

Preventative Measures

Not maintaining your windows can lead to problems over time including reducing their efficiency, wearing away seals and propagating cracks or scratches. However, there are some maintenance measures you can take in order to make the most of your windows for their full lifetime so that they will last for the duration of which they were intended which can range between 10 and 50 years depending on the window type.

Monthly cleaning of the window panes is recommended by using one of the methods mentioned and this will be highly beneficial to a window’s health, just like brushing teeth. But also like cleaning teeth, brushing alone isn’t enough. You should take the time to also clean the window frames and check seals as these can become worn by the weather and dirt buildup, and painting the frames can add an extra layer of protection.

Another good tip is to actually open and close the windows regularly as the mechanisms and joints can become damaged due to a buildup of debris while they sit unused. These can be easily cleaned with detergents and vacuum cleaners but be careful to steady a window before putting your fingers between any surfaces to avoid a nasty injury.