As an employer, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the workplace is a healthy and safe place to be. Not only could someone seriously hurt themselves, your business could also be at risk if you didn’t put the right safety measures in place and someone decides to take out a lawsuit against you. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some great ways to prioritise safety in your workplace to avoid any accidents or costly legal proceedings.

Understand where the risks lie

The first step you need to take is identifying where risks are in the workplace. Different businesses and industries have different risks. You should be well informed about any safety risks that are associated with your business. For example an office environment may pose risks in terms of electrical equipment and fire hazards, whereas a construction business will have risks related to heavy machinery and height risks. Familiarise yourself as soon as possible with the risks that your job poses.

Provide safety equipment/clothing

Personal protective equipment is important in many different work environments, and it’s your job to distinguish what you and your employees need. Whether it’s face masks or a silica dust extraction system, you need to supply what’s needed to keep everyone safe from injury or harm. Making sure that everyone uses PPE correctly should also be high on your priority list. Afterall, if someone becomes injured or unwell, you’re not only at risk of a lawsuit, but you’re also one person down which will affect your business.

Make sure everyone is trained

If you have machinery or equipment that’s dangerous in the workplace, you need to make sure that everyone understands how to use it safely and effectively. You should give everyone proper training on how to use the machinery safely, how to handle hazardous materials, and what procedures they need to follow – especially when it comes to cross contamination. Training shouldn’t be a one time event either, and you should make time in your employee’s calendars for regular training. Not only does it prevent accidents, but it keeps your team skilled which will help your business run more smoothly.

Put emergency procedures in place

While you want to avoid any harm or injury in the workplace, it’s essential to have emergency procedures in place if something does go wrong. After all, humans can still make mistakes even when trained properly. You’ll need to establish an evacuation route, designate areas for first aid kits and fire extinguishers, and also nominate someone to lead the team to safety if needed.

Service machinery regularly

Finally, you need to make sure that any and all machinery is serviced and updated regularly. Not only will you help prevent any accidents, but a well-serviced machine will work more effectively, therefore helping your business. It may be a cost you’d rather avoid, but it’s a cost worth paying. 
A healthy and safe working environment is not just about avoiding lawsuits; it’s about making sure that you and your team can work to the best of your abilities without the worry of harm.