Nobody wants to feel worried in their own home. But, unfortunately, if you don’t manage your environment correctly, it’s a possibility. 

Homes are supposed to be safe places. They’re where we go to get away from the rest of the world. Once we’re inside, nobody can touch us. We’re free. 

But, unfortunately, we don’t always recognize our triggers. We might feel perfectly happy in a particular place on the surface. But something could be affecting us unconsciously, causing feelings of fear to bubble up from below. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the reasons you feel worried at home. Here’s what you need to know.

You Have Your Ex-Partner’s Clothes In Your Closet

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Don’t keep your ex’s clothes in your closet. Get rid of them at the first opportunity. Seeing things associated with them is a bad idea and can take its toll on your mental health.

Remember, if you see their clothes, it could trigger feelings of sadness or anxiety so replace them with something new. 

Your Clocks Are Ticking Incessantly

Clocks are another weird trigger that can sometimes affect how you feel. Many people, for instance, grew up as children listening to clocks ticking all the time in their bedrooms. Having the same experience as an adult can bring back all those fears or memories. Constant ticking is also a sombre reminder that time is passing and that you’re moving closer to death. 

Of course, you need to tell the time for work and practical reasons. So try keeping a digital clock that only lights up when you activate it. 

You Don’t Have Any Real Protection

Not having any real protection, particularly when you live alone, is another major source of anxiety. Feeling like there’s nothing between you and the big, bad world outside is a scary experience. 

That’s why a lot of people hire a home security services company. They help to protect their properties around the clock, helping to make them feel more secure long-term. 

You’re Showering And It Reminds You Of Work

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Showering too often is another thing that can really hamper your health and wellbeing. The reason for this is that it reminds people of work. If you spent many years in a stressful job, showering in the morning, then you’ll associate all your fears with the activity, so even if you don’t have anything to worry about, it feels as though you do.

To prevent this, shower using a new brand of product. Changing smells when you feel relaxed helps to associate showering with more positive experiences. 

You Have Stacks Of Forms Lying Around

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Don’t leave stacks of paperwork lying around your home fully visible at all times. That’s because it can remind you of unpleasant things, like filing your tax return.

Keep everything in drawers, well out of the way. And only access it when you need it. 

You’ll notice that after a few weeks, your stress levels start to go down. You feel happier, and you wonder what you were worrying about. 

So, do you ever feel stressed in your home?