Archer is growing up so quickly that I wanted to give his bedroom a mini makeover that would take him from being 8 years old up to his teens.

I had the opportunity to paint his bedroom over the school holidays and do a little shopping whilst he was away.

I only updated accessories and a few items like his bedside table and artwork.  You can see his what his bedroom originally looked like here.

I cleaned up his bookshelf.

I added a gorgeous shade and window shutters.



Art prints on the wall

Hell Yeah Framed

Bedside Table


Cactus and assorted faux plants

Blue Fur cushion


Green cushion


Light Shade 

Desk and Chair

Floor Mat

Wall Colour Dulux Natural White

So let’s hope this bedroom see’s Archer well and truly into his teens.

Have you updated and bedroom for someone at your place?

Let me know if you see something that isn’t listed in my ‘Shop the Look’ segment and I will get back to as soon as possible.