The classic Hamptons style home exudes elegance and sophistication but still welcomes guests with a warm edge. It’s almost the “LA glow” in home décor style. It’s luxurious and high market but still effortlessly cosy.

If you haven’t heard of The Hamptons, it is an upmarket area of housing set on the seaside in Long Island, New York. It’s more of a seaside enclave, so brings a lot more privacy than usual to celebrities and other people wanting to move or holiday there.


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The basics

Think clean, light and bright. You’ll need to fit your home with mainly cream and white basics to create that roomy and airy aesthetic associated with The Hamptons. An easy way to instantly open up your space is to fit a plush cream carpet and paint the walls a crisp white colour. If you have kids, you might want to find your local carpet cleaners in advance just in case of any accidental spills!

The lounge room

Your furniture needs to be big and statement-making. Going for a luxurious leather or linen sofa is a good way to add elegance. A tasteful printed or patterned style would work well too, presuming the rest of your room is quite simplistic. Go for personalised touches where you can, like custom-made cushions or a vintage throw that you picked up. This creates the homely feel and is a great conversation starter!

The garden

A well-preened garden is essential to any house in The Hamptons. Most of the houses overlook the most beautiful seaside view, so you’re likely to spend a lot of time outside during the summer. Fill the garden with beds bursting with flowers such as hydrangeas or large daisies to keep the light and bright theme running through. Entertain guests by creating a kitsch seating area. An outdoor beech wood terrace could be transformed into an open U-shaped seating area. Fit the place with large linen chair cushions in beige or taupe and finish off with a few embroidered pillows thrown on.

The décor

Décor is important in Hamptons styling as it helps create a welcoming feel. But it’s essential to keep it minimal and classy. A few interior plants and flowers work well displayed on plain surfaces in huddles of threes. These plants need to be well-maintained and kept plush though. You could add a few unique prints to the wall to add points of interest. Or you could even add texture onto the walls, like raffia or raised wallpaper, to bring a new dimension. A large open fireplace is calling out to be accessorised with all kinds of scented candles and elegant vases. Just make sure you pick one colour palette for the whole place and keep it consistent throughout.


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You could re-do an entire home in Hamptons styling or just add a few Hamptons-inspired touches here and there. It might even inspire you to book a well-deserved trip for you and the family to visit The Hamptons! Whatever you choose to do, just remember to keep it classy.