Family life can mean that various areas of your home need to be redesigned as they’re not family-friendly enough, and although expensive these redesigns are, for the most part, essential. If you’ve got a young family, one area that you are most probably desperate to re-design is your bathroom, as bathrooms are one of the areas that often require the most work, as unless a family lived in your house before you, the chances are the space is not family-friendly at all.

The good news is that when it comes to designing a family-friendly space, it’s easier than you would think to design a bathroom that is ideal for family use. For a guide to everything that you need to know about designing the ideal family bathroom, below are some tips and ideas that you might like to take note of.


Steer clear of carpet

While it’s often unlikel that bathrooms will have carpet as flooring, it’s not completely unheard of, which is why it’s important to understand that carpet, water and kids don’t mix. Instead, what it’s important to do is ensure that your family bathroom has hard flooring that is waterproof and is designed to stand the test of time.

There are various options to choose from, it’s just a case of taking the time to carefully consider each one, and determine which equates to the best option overall. You need to consider factors such as safety – does the floor become slippery when it’s wet – and also price – is a certain flooring type affordable for you?

Ensure the walls are water-friendly

When planning bathroom renovations for a family-friendly space, it’s essential to take a range of features into consideration, such as things like the walls, for instance. When it comes to decorating the walls in your bathroom, it’s vital that you take the time to consider the materials that you are using and whether they are child-friendly.

What you need to consider is what the impact of the walls being splashed would be and how easy to wipe any paint or wallpaper that you use would be. An alternative option is to consider tiling the walls instead of opting to use paint or wallpaper on them, as this tends to be a much longer lasting and more family friendly option. The only issue is that it’s also often far more expensive.


Storage is a must

For family bathrooms, adequate storage space is a must. If you are going to ensure that your family bathroom remains neat and tidy and doesn’t end up in a cluttered mess, it’s vital that you take storage seriously.

If your bathroom doesn’t have adequate built-in storage space, it’s a good idea that you invest in some free-standing storage space, so that you can ensure that you have plenty of places to store any essentials that you might need for your bathroom to make sure that the space stays clear and clutter-free.

There you have it, everything that you need to know about designing the perfect family-friendly bathroom space.