Increasing your home value will incur significant benefits, especially when you need to sell your home for several reasons. Not only will it increase your home’s selling price, but it will put your property off the market in the shortest possible time. A survey revealed that 56.6% of Australians would pay more for a renovated home, stating that it increases its value. That said, how do you upgrade your home? Here are some practical ways to try out. 

  1. Clean and declutter your home 

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According to organisational expert Dr Eva Selhub, people who had cluttered homes were more depressed, guilty and anxious. Not only does clutter reduce your productivity and wears you out, but it also reduces your home value. For instance, homebuyers would shy away from homes with less space. That said, a cheap yet effective way to boost your home’s value is to deep-clean and declutter your home. Besides, your health would significantly improve once you get rid of unwanted stuff that minimises your living space. 

You can start by categorising your clutter to determine what to recycle, throw away, keep or donate. By all means, take advantage of any storage space you have or invest in other storage options for the best results. Perhaps you can’t dedicate a whole day to decluttering your home. In that case, you can dedicate 5 to 20 minutes daily to attend to a specific room and keep going from there. 

  1. Apply a new coat of paint 

Do you wish to add up to 5% of your property value without spending a fortune? Then you’d want to beautify your home by applying a fresh coat of paint. Real estate experts agree that home buyers are more inclined to visualise many decoration options on clean walls. For this reason, they will naturally gravitate towards a freshly painted home. Moreover, it gives your home a new look while protecting it from the weather elements. Additionally, it prevents moisture damage and wood rot that diminishes your home’s appeal over the years. 

Therefore, feel free to revamp your home’s interior and exterior with new paint, although you must be careful of your colour scheme. Real estate agents advise that you leverage neutral tones to appeal to everyone, as bolder colours can put some people off. You can also help the environment by using eco-friendly paints, as they contain little to no volatile compounds. 

  1. Upgrade your plumbing system 

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You should consider upgrading your plumbing system if you haven’t already. Not only will you improve your home efficiency and aesthetic appeal, but you also save more by installing water-saving technologies. Moreover, you can easily detect and fix hidden plumbing problems that incur significant damages and costs. That said, feel free to install new, sustainable taps and showerheads to conserve water and include an additional bathroom if possible. Hot water is a feature that most homebuyers can’t live without, so for best results, invest in products and professional hot water system services such as those found on the Anytime Hot Water website. You also want to change your central heating system if it’s old, as no homebuyer wants to buy something that may cause them problems later.