Are you one of those people who set new year resolutions only to fail by February.

Then micro resolutions are probably better for you. Baby steps for big changes. Chances are you will stick to smaller goals than making ridiculous large ones.


Eat Healthier

Yes I know its hard this time of year but you only have to make minor changes for big rewards.  You can still have your cake and eat it too but just making little changes you won’t feel deprived and then cheat on your goal.

  • Stop late night snacking, especially if you stay up late at night.  Be aware of what you are about to eat and the time of night it is and ask yourself ‘do I really need to eat this’.
  • Make one small change to your diet.  Cut out processed foods, full fat milk in your takeaway coffee or sugary foods.  You’ll be surprised how easy it is and how great you’ll feel.



Make the most of everyday.

  • Get up early.  Stop hitting the snooze button and stick to a routine of getting up at the same time.  The benefits are amazing and your body clock will thank you for it.
  • Stop late night computing.  Your willpower stores are restored by sleep and are minimal by late at night.  Your willpower with eating and shopping will be less powerful so stay off the computer after 10pm and get a good nights sleep.



Get into shape.

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator or lift.
  • Park further away from the shop entrance.
  • Try something new, weights, boxing, jogging.
  • Designate a workout day.


I hope these small micro resolutions will help you out.  Even if you try one of these you are on your way to feeling better about yourself and one step closer to achieving a goal.

Good luck

Images and more information from Refinery.