When it comes to making extensive renovations or refurbishments around the home, what is your real priority? A lot of people are concerned with the idea of the value it will add but fail to consider the objective different that the right (or wrong) change will make to their life. For that reason, we’re looking at the home updates that will not only increase home value but will add value in terms of how you use them home, too.  

Comfort and curb appeal

Some of the home improvements listed as the most valuable all have to do with how the home looks from the outside. There’s no doubt that curb appeal attracts more buyers, which can up the value of a property. But besides looking better, your exterior can function better, as well. Using decking or pavings to create an outdoor social or dining space, you can get a lot more use out of your garden, turning it into a practical space, not just a pretty one.

Make more use of what you got

There are few things that can up the value of a home quite as much as adding more square feet that you can actually make use of. There are plenty of spaces that often go underutilized, such as the garage or attic. The basement can be a little harder to finish, with extra care having to go into making sure that damp isn’t a concern and that foundation is protected, but it could offer more space than any other unfinished space.


Get over your growing pains

An extension can be a very attractive idea for much the same reason. You get another room, but unlike with a basement or garage conversion, there are far fewer limits on what you can do with it and what the layout of it can be. A house extension design can vary greatly depending on your needs and wants. This can be perfect for a home that has a growing family that needs more private space, or for someone who wants a home office but doesn’t yet have the room for it.

The ensuite appeal

Whether you renovate an existing space or add a new one, you should consider taking the plunge to add a second bathroom to your home. For larger families, the need to share just one bathroom can be hugely stressful. What’s more, multiple bathrooms are regularly listed as the most valuable of all home improvements. It might take some effort to ensure that the pipes are fitted correctly, but you can add a second bathroom at a fraction of the cost that you might expect by working with the existing plumbing of the home and choosing the right location for it.

It’s important to always make the renovations or additions that only make sense in terms of how you will use them. Home value is a nebulous concept, and it changes based on the market’s demands and interest in your home, not on its stats or features. Make the changes that benefit you first.