Spring has sprung and you know that means one thing.  Spring cleaning and a bit of DIY, throw in some restyling and revamping of your home, fresh flowers and warmer, longer days.  That’s what Spring brings us.

I’ve teamed up with Interior Secrets and they made it easy for me to revamp my bedroom for Spring.  As the weather warms up it’s nice to brighten up your space and change a few things around.  Interior Secrets have an extensive range of homewares to help you revamp your space.

So what is their secret?

Since 2009, Interior Secrets continue to provide everyday Australians with access to high-end furniture at competitive prices. Their low prices are thanks to their unique business strategy and years of bargaining power in bulk buying quantities. They employ a ‘high turnover, low margin’ business model that cuts the middleman out and challenges traditional retailers and pricing guidelines.

Interior Secrets is for lovers of all things design and furniture. It’s for the 9-5ers, the new homeowners, the interior designers and stylists, the professionals. There’s a bit of everything for every personality.

Just adding a few simple pieces, transformed my bedroom into a light, bright space ready for Spring.

A cute vase of peonies from Interior Secrets really bought Spring inside.

A warm throw for the tran seasonal weather, a beautiful cushion in a gorgeous blush pink and my bedroom was complete.

So if your after a revamp, check out Interior Secrets.