Salted Caramel Smoothie Bowl

After sharing a picture on the weekend of my salted caramel smoothie bowl I had so many requests for the recipe.  So rather than try and type it out […]

Chocolate Mud Breakfast Bowl

When it comes to breakfast I am usually starving.  I run most mornings as well as cross train with weights so by the time I get back, have a […]

Breakfast Puddings In A Jar

Breakfast puddings in a jar are a healthy way to start the day.  I have had so many questions regarding these from an Instagram post the other day that […]

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Creating a Dream Morning

I’m not sure about you but we never, ever have dream mornings.  It’s a chaotic, disorganised, rushing disaster.  However through all this chaos one important thing that I stress […]

Granola Homemade Style

A great way to start the day is with a bowl full of homemade Granola.  Add some yogurt and fresh fruit and you are on your way to having […]

Breakfast Puddings in a jar

A very good friend of mine introduced me to this wonderful idea which is called ‘breakfast pudding in a jar’.

It is quite simply that and you make the pudding […]

Pancakes for Breakfast

I often make pancakes for breakfast.  Once you try this recipe you will never ever buy the pre made stuff and shake a bottle ever again.

The ingredients you use […]

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Spring Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables

Eating seasonal fruit and vegetables just makes sense. It’s what Mother Nature gives us for the season.  Think about Winter when all the lovely vegetables are perfect for making […]

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