We all have different ideas of what a dream home should look like. but, as some trends stand the test of time, they become something of a universal desire. For instance, few modern homeowners wouldn’t love an island-clad kitchen extension. As we’ll discuss here, spa-worthy wet room bathroom designs are also becoming something of a pipe dream across tastes and preferences. 

The look, feel, and functionality of a wet room simply ticks all the boxes. The only trouble is that, when it comes to bathroom renos, it doesn’t get much more complex than a total wet room overhaul. This needn’t be a deal breaker for individuals who are willing to take on the work (or have someone else do it for them,) but it does mean that you’re going to want to get your wet room right the first time by considering key pointers like the ones we’re going to discuss here at the design stage. 

Always make it damp-proof!

As the naturally wettest room in the house, damp proofing a bathroom is fundamental at the best of times, but considering that this is a room entirely designed to get wet, you’re going to want to pay extra attention here. Obviously all-over tiles are a prerequisite in a room like this, and they do go a long way for stopping water from getting into your walls, but even they’re not enough to totally stop the onslaught. For that, you’re also going to want to think about specific damp proofing precautions such as a well-sealed, centralised floor drain, and rubber matting that adds an extra layer of protection underneath any tiles.

Get your shower ready

Picture Credit: CC0 Licence

A wet room is never going to offer the wow factor, or even really function at all, if you’re still making do with a standard-sized shower head. Instead, you need to think about a showerhead that covers a larger area, and is also able to remain pretty central in the room. Rainfall showerheads are the best option for this, but it is worth noting that their increased water intake and power could lead to issues in a house where the plumbing hasn’t had to provide anything more than a trickle for years. Testing out your water pressure before you get going can help to offset issues as a result of this, but don’t be surprised if you also have to invest in pump repair or replacement before you can enjoy the uninterrupted power that your new shower offers. Only then can you make sure that your shower is powerful enough to fill a whole room in true spa style. 

Keep it warm

Dashing from the bath to the bedroom is one thing, but an entire wet room requires a little more heated luxury to ensure comfort throughout your stay. Heated towel rails are, of course, a fantastic way to provide this as long as they’re well away from any splashing water. Underfloor heating is another fantastic way to keep the entire room warm and to add to the luxury spa experience that your wetroom undeniably deserves.