A clean and pest free house is important for everyone. With the pandemic hitting us all hard, it is crucial to pay attention to keeping your house free of all pests and viruses. Therefore, termite inspection is really important and if you can hire a professional to do it for you; it is the best. Termite treatments GoldCoast are extremely vital as the changing weather there is an open invitation to different pests. 

Types of termite treatments

If you are hiring experts for getting a termite treatment for your home, then you must know about the different types of treatments that are available. There are different methods available and the most common ones are as follows:

  • Soil termite treatment method:

Soil treatment is used to control all types of pests that might be hiding within the soil and the roots of your house. This method basically crafts a barrier against the pests. The soil is then treated with the help of a termiticide to get rid of the termites, without damaging the soil. This technique is not only going to control the existing pests and remove them but will also prevent them from returning here. 

  • Wood termite treatment method:

If the wood surfaces and areas of your house have been infected with termites, there are different ways to control it. Professionals use foams, injected sprays and surfaces sprays to get rid of them. There are borate wood treatments too which help in killing different types of pests. All the wood termite treatment methods also prevent the future infestation of pests. 

  • Bait system:

Baits are a very important and powerful tool for gaining control over termites and preventing them from infestation in the future too. Bait system is referred to as a monitoring system too which helps in controlling pests before they enter your house. These systems are usually placed at entry and existing areas of the houses to gain control. 

How does the termite treatment process work?

Once you hire a professional for termite inspectionand treatment, they will begin inspecting your house from the outside. They will do a thorough checkup in your garden, fences and trees. Experts know about all the possible areas where pests can hide. Once the outdoor areas are inspected, then the external areas like carports, sheds and decks are also checked. 

After the completion of the outdoor inspection, the inside of your house is also checked thoroughly. From doors to windows and even your skirting boards; everything is inspected thoroughly and then the treatment starts taking place to kill and control termites. 


Protecting your houses from termites and pests is very important, no matter what the time or season. It is best to get a professional to do the task for you, so that the inspection and treatment is done efficiently. Professionals will do the task effectively and will also prevent future infestation of pests too.