Studies suggest that on average, we will live in seven different houses during our lifetime. However, despite family connections and job security often keeping us rooted in one place – this number would likely be much higher if moving wasn’t so stressful. In fact, you might still; be having nightmares about your last move. 

Nevertheless, whether you are looking to downsize or start afresh in a new town, there are certain steps you can take to make the process as easy as possible. After all, you should not stay in a home that doesn’t bring you joy! 

Photo by Tierra Mallorca on Unsplash

With that in mind, here are some tips that you can use to move (leaving the stress out of the suitcase). 

Put together a budget. 

The first step towards pulling off a successful relocation is understanding your budget – as you must ensure that you do not overspend or land yourself in a difficult financial situation further down the line. Right now, in Australia, the average national property price is $549,918 – though there are exceptions to the rule. As a result, it may be that you need to delay your move slightly to save up some extra money to put towards your move. 

Think about what you need. 

When you think of your dream home, your mind may instantly skip to visions of mansions with giant pools and walk-in closets. While this may not quite be possible, it is important that you think carefully about what you need from your home. For example, if you have a growing family, you may wish to have a spare few rooms handy to accommodate this. Alternatively, with remote working becoming more and more commonplace, you might want to think about incorporating a stylish home office into your home – instead of working from your sofa. 

Once you know exactly what you need, it should be easier to find the right property for you. However, if this still feels like an impossible mission – you might want to look into affordable house and land packages – which give you the opportunity to create the house of your dreams brick by brick. With hundreds of options to choose from and a free reign over the location, this is a great way to bring your wildest dreams into reality – meaning the walk-in closet might not be out of the question after all. 

Get your new home ready for sale. 

Often, in order to be able to cover the costs of your move, you will need to get your current home ready to hit the market. After all, the speed at which this property is sold/rented out will likely impact how quickly you can move into your new home. Thankfully, there are various steps you can take to make your home a quick sale. For example, you could look into small home improvements that can increase your home’s value or improve your kerbside appeal. For example, adding a fresh coat of paint to each room can really transform how the space looks.