Win Back the Space in Your Home with These 5 Styling Gems

If you want to have more space in your apartment, how you style it is essential. Large apartments with bulky furniture will inevitably seem small, but smaller spaces styled right will give you the room you need to breathe. In this article, we’re going to tell you about five furnishing gems that will help you claim back your space. Take a look!

1. Give Your Bedroom a New Purpose with Sofa Beds

As far as space-consuming furniture goes, a bed is at the very top of the list. And it might seem inevitable to have half or more of your bedroom dedicated to a bed that you can get a good night’s sleep on, but it doesn’t have to be. A good sofa bed will give you the proper back support you need while taking up far less space during the day. It also guarantees you’ll have a spacious bedroom because you need to have enough room in front of the sofa bed to be able to pull it up in the evening. It takes only a few minutes to make the bed, and you get half of your bedroom back, all with no compromise in terms of back support. As an added benefit, your bedroom can double as a sitting room. By day, you’ll have a comfy sofa in the room, maybe with a coffee table in front, and by night, you get a spacious bed to sleep on. In terms of winning back your space, it simply doesn’t get any better!

2. Use the Space Behind Your Doors

Most of the time, the doors in your house stay open, right? And they take up quite a bit of room, but you can put the space behind them to good use by turning it into storage. How? By installing a few hooks on the wall, you can store tall items like ladders or foldable chairs. In fact, this technique is ideal for your kitchen, where you likely have extra chairs that are a burden to store. Win your space back by placing your foldable chairs on the wall behind your door.

3. Maximize Vertical Space for More Room

Instead of having bulky cabinets, cupboards, and closets, that will only close up your rooms, leverage the space you have on your walls for storage. Think about it, in a cabinet, you get a few shelves, closed up in a frame with doors. But what if you could have those shelves up on the wall? Elevated storage space is just as efficient, but does not clog up your home. You can place decorative boxes on the shelves, which provide you with enough storage space, but also help with styling your home. You can even alternate them with plants or decorative objects. Who says that storage has to be boring? Placing these shelves in the corners of the room will earn you more storage space, while also rounding up the edges of the room.

4. Mirror You Way into a Bigger Room

Space is all about perception, and mirrors expand the perceived space significantly. A correctly placed mirror will give you the impression of a bigger room, which will help you feel more relaxed in that room. In fact, the larger the mirror, the better. You should also consider what’s going to be reflected in that mirror because you want to highlight the places that will expand the idea of space in the room. While the reflection should not be of an empty wall because it is undefined, it also shouldn’t be of a crowded space because that would only enhance the crowded visual. Instead, you should highlight small items on your wall, like the storage/decorative shelf that we described above. If you have plants, that’s even better. The more green in your room, the better because nature helps you feel relaxed.

5. The Chromatic Way to More Space

As mentioned above, space is all about perception, and the colors you choose for your home define that perception. Having lots of strong and dark colors in a room will decrease the perceived space. Light colors, on the other hand, will enhance the perceived space. Moreover, if the color of the walls is chromatically close to the color of the furniture, it will help blend everything in, creating the image of space. For instance, white walls, with white and beige curtains and drapes go great with light oak furniture and beige carpets. For definition, you can integrate a few dark or strong colored items in the room. The result? A relaxing and spacious room you will love to spend time in.

As you can see, there are plenty of tips and tricks you can follow to win back the space in your home. Whichever of these you choose, we guarantee you will feel more relaxed. Give it a try today!