How’s your week going?  We are on the down hill slide to Spring so that is good news.  I overheard someone say there is only just over 4 weeks to go – yippee!

I love visiting display homes.  There is so much inspiration for styling and this new Boutique Homes display was styled to perfection.

We’ve had the fire on so much this Winter and have loved sitting in this room at home. When the Winter sun comes out it warms the whole room.

I visited Adairs and fell in love with their new range.  The new artwork is beautiful and I adore the subtle tones they have bought in with new cushions and throws.

I picked up this beautiful artwork for my dining room.  It was $104.00 (such a bargain).  Apparently Adairs use Australian artists for their prints which is good to know.

I purchased a new blue cushion from Adairs which was also on sale.  I also noticed these camelias in full bloom in my street on a way back from my run.  That is a sure sign that Spring is on its way.

I can’t believe we are well and truly into Term 3.  The house is back to normal again until September school holidays.