Who hates doing the washing?  I do, it literally never ends does it?

It seems as soon as we get on top of it all that the next day the basket is full of dirty washing only to start the whole process again.  I never wash, dry and fold in the one day.  In fact, I let in accumulate for the whole week.   Then on Sunday night we all grab our washing from the big pile and put it away.

This is what Sunday night looks like at my place.

To ease to the pain a little Hills Home have come up with some stylish options to take your laundry from drab to fab.

Take a look at this Premium Bamboo Ironing Board.  It looks so stylish that I wouldn’t actually mind doing some ironing. Well sort of…

Winter is a hard time to get clothes dry and we all hate the thought of having clothes airers lying around the house.

The Hills Home Winged Airer looks smart as well as functional.  Just what we want.

Getting the kids to put their dirty washing in the basket is hard enough!  The Premium Aluminium Laundry Hamper is large enough to take everyones dirty washing.  Let’s just hope they put it in there.


When your Foldable Bamboo Laundry Basket matches your decor, you kinda don’t mind doing the washing.

If I place the Premium Autolift Laundry Hamper in the right spot, he may put his dirty clothes in there.  Such a great idea as the autolift function means no more lost socks at the bottom of the basket.  Not only does it look good but it’s also a fantastic idea.

You can purchase any of these Hills products from Bunnings.