Room Make-over: 5 Spare Room Ideas for Your Home

If you’re fortunate enough to have found yourself a spare room in your home, you may be finding it hard to decide what to do with it. Most homeowners […]

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Lighting Obsessed

Ok, I am a little obsessed with lighting at the moment.  A friend came over for coffee the other day and we spent the whole time looking at my […]

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Keeping Your Construction Under Wraps

When you’re doing a job which involves something like construction, most people will work hard to avoid letting their project impact those around them. The people in neighboring homes, […]

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Things I love February Edit 2

There are so many lovely things that I am loving this February that I needed to do another edit.  February was full of flowers, Valentines and gorgeous organisation and […]

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Improving Your Entryway

The entry to your home is the first thing that your guests see, so it’s pretty important that it looks good if you want them to appreciate your eye […]

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Things I Love February Edition

How quickly has this year gone already?  I know we are only in February but it seems like only yesterday that we were talking about things I love for […]

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What’s New On The Web

Hi everyone!

There’s been a lot happening on the web lately and today I share some highlights for you.

Get a cuppa and sit down and enjoy reading about what’s been […]

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Moving Home Hacks

Most people can’t stand the idea of moving house. Although it’s a fun time – going somewhere new and starting a new chapter – it’s stressful as hell! There’s […]

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