Improving Your Entryway

The entry to your home is the first thing that your guests see, so it’s pretty important that it looks good if you want them to appreciate your eye […]

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What’s New On The Web

Hi everyone!

There’s been a lot happening on the web lately and today I share some highlights for you.

Get a cuppa and sit down and enjoy reading about what’s been […]

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Moving Home Hacks

Most people can’t stand the idea of moving house. Although it’s a fun time – going somewhere new and starting a new chapter – it’s stressful as hell! There’s […]

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PRK Residence By Biasol

I thought I’d share this amazing property that landed in my inbox located in Melbourne’s leafy suburb of Ivanhoe.  This once traditional family home has been transformed by Biasol: […]

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Home Hacks for a Cooler Home

Now that we are in the middle of summer, you may well be struggling with the heat in your home. Of course, air conditioning is an obvious solution, but […]

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Around Here Lately

We are still on school holidays here in Melbourne. It feels like my kids have been home forever and I guess when you think about it, 2 months off […]

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What Kinds Of Green Energy Can You Get For Your Home

These days, it is more and more important for us to look to the future and try to find ways to live sustainably. This means using alternative energy other […]

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Fancy Creating Your Own Little Haven At Home? Here’s How

When it comes to your home, it’s probably safe to say that you see it as your own paradise? No matter what that means to you, or how it […]

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