Upgrades within your home are needed from time to time, but it’s the ones you make that are eco-friendly, that will be the most impactful. Not only do some upgrades save you money, but more importantly, they help keep the environment we live in, greener, and more habitable for longer. Here are some upgrades in your home to make it more eco-friendly.

Install Solar Panels

There’s one major benefit from having solar panels on the outside of your home, and that’s everyone will be able to see how much you’re actively helping the environment. Running your electrical energy off solar panels can help your bank balance and also helps keep your carbon footprint down. Solar installers can fit these in for you, and they require very little upkeep from you as homeowners. You’ll also become part of the elite that sees the development of technology in this area and as it develops, so too will it’s functionality and the power it can harness as a renewable energy source.

Use Reclaimed Wood For Decking

Reclaimed wood is something that has already had its purpose for one thing but has been retrieved and re-purposed for something different. It’s a great way to help recycle materials that are still perfectly useable, and instead of throwing it out as waste, it can be made into something that is going to be loved by someone else. One place you might want to use reclaimed wood is on your decking. It’s a feature in a home that is usually made out of wood anyway, so why not go with reclaimed, rather than knowing your wood for the decking is coming from chopping down more trees.

Consider Buying Pre-Owned

There is a lot of products, furniture and other material items that are produced on a daily basis and so there needs to be some consideration of how much we’re buying that’s new. If the packaging or the thing itself isn’t biodegradable or recyclable, then it’s junk that will end up getting thrown out at some point. Consider buying pre-owned where you can, whether that’s your next sofa or shopping in a charity shop for some homeware. There will always be perfectly good things that will need to go to a new home.

Catch Rainwater 

Another way to get freebies off our environment is rainwater. Some places can get a little rainfall but if your home town gets a lot of rainfall, then why not make the most of it? There is plenty of tank and rainwater-catching equipment that you can get, which can be filtered into your home to provide the water for your toilet bowl. You could even get the right filtering equipment to use it in the kitchen or elsewhere in the bathroom. It’s certainly worth giving it a go, to see how much water you can save. Not only that, but it’s worth it just to re-use it for gardening.

There are plenty of upgrades that can be made in your home over time, so try these ones in yours.