It’s very important for anyone hoping to build their own home to sit back and understand just how incredible, scary, and monumental this decision can be. We’re not suggesting this in order to frighten you off, in fact, thinking of this entire project in the correct terms can help you pay it the correct attention it’s due. There is simply no way of ‘bodging’ your way through a self-build, that is unless you’re happy living in a home that is anything less than safe.

That being said, self-builds are also so intensively unique and dependent on the land upon which you build them that the essential components of any successful self-build can be unique from person to person. However, it’s important not to let this scupper your progress and motivational intent going forward.

With our help, and the willingness to select this guidance and fit it for your own situation, you will no doubt be able to make the right investments going forward. Please, consider some of the following tips. We wish you luck in your build:

Land Surveying

It’s important to have your land surveyed so you can understand the various ins and outs of its development potential. This, ideally, should be done before you purchase a plot of land, but that certain is the first component of any self-build, so starting here with our advice is hardly out of sorts.

Land surveying can help you understand any oil pipes, public utilities, proper borders, gradations of land height, and more. They can help you more easily consider what home you may wish to build there, if that’s even viable, and what metrics an architect will need to better understand their design responsibilities. We would thoroughly recommend that you keep money aside to invest in a great land surveying service.

Architectural Planning

Great architectural planning is an essential mainstay of ensuring your home is well-configured, and that the framings are precise. Investing in a great architectural firms’ services can be worthwhile here.

They will help you curate the floor plan, the outlet positioning, the secure supporting walls, and keep in mind variables such as the natural lighting of the property throughout the day, the means in which to work with the land you have, the measurements and metrics provided by the surveyor, and more. There’s a reason why these professionals go through years and years of training, and why they are so highly paid. They deliver results. A great architect will also help you with the next step:

Housing Authority Approval

You can plan all you like, but without planning permission from your housing authority, you’ll be unable to progress with your build. Luckily, most housing authorities make this process simple. With a direct letter of confirmation detailing how you hope to build or improve, your floor plans, and details about the logistics of your build. 

If this has been carefully thought out, as it often is when using an architect to help you design these blueprints, you’re more likely to gain approval. However, do not be disheartened if this process comes slowly. Adjudicators can often suggest changes that need to be made, or remind you of laws that may restrict your building potential. For instance, in areas of outstanding beauty, you may not be able to go for the full and ostentatious build you were planning on. 

Often, housing authority approval is a matter of give and take. When you do achieve acceptance, you will need to demonstrate your notice of building intent for a number of months, during which neighbors and local residents can complain or find out further information about the call.

Plumbing & Electrical Services

Plumbing and electrical services are worth taking into account and considering. This is because they are absolutely essential for the health of a new build, and more importantly, they need to consult on your build as you build it. Are decisions you are making scuppering the potential for a good writing job? That will need to be discussed.

Plumbing is even more important. It must be considered, and cared for. It must be applied in the best possible manner. There are no ‘adequate’ plumbing jobs, only good and bad. This is why Toscano Plumbing is worth contacting, as they provide a thorough, well-thought-out job conforming to all of the essential safety and practical principles necessary for a house to enjoy good piping and plumbing. 

With this advice, we hope you can more easily understand the essential components of any self-build.