Decorating a Fun and Practical Kids’ Bedroom

If you have got children, then you’ll know how fun designing a children’s room can be. You can experiment a little more with color than you have done before, […]

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Fantastic Furniture For Kids Bedrooms

When it comes to designing kids bedrooms, your options are limitless.  It is so simple and fun to create  exciting rooms for kids and it’s also a great time […]

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Archer’s Mini Bedroom Makeover 2017

Archer is growing up so quickly that I wanted to give his bedroom a mini makeover that would take him from being 8 years old up to his teens.

I […]

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Keep Things Copacetic In A Home With Kids

If you have kids, you should consider how you style of your home. An example of this would be dealing with the clutter. You’re going to have a lot […]

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Happy 8th Birthday Archer

I can’t believe my youngest turned 8 the other day!  The happiest kid in town is getting older way to quickly for my liking.

Archer celebrated with his friends and […]

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Ensuring Your Little One Has The Best Bedroom!

There are lots of reasons why it’s vital to make sure that your kid’s bedrooms are fun and practical spaces. Read on to get an insight into why there […]

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Horse Decor

If you’ve been following along for some time now you’ll know that my daughter is in love with horses.  She works, rides, lives and breathes these beautiful creatures.  I […]

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A New Study Nook For $150.00

My little boy Archer, (well not so little anymore, he is 7 years old and in Grade one) wanted a study nook for his bedroom.  He doesn’t really get […]