There are lots of reasons why it’s vital to make sure that your kid’s bedrooms are fun and practical spaces. Read on to get an insight into why there room is not just a room and how you can make it the best space for them to be in.


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Their Space

Firstly, when you are a kid, your room is the only place that is truly yours in the whole house. Everywhere else is shared space, where you might not be able to get away from your siblings. That is why it’s vital that kids have a pleasant space to retreat to when they want some quiet time.


This is especially important for children with an introverted streak. Introverts recharge from time spend on their own, and doing activities like reading, playing computer games. If an introverted child has no safe space in which they can do this, they can become stressed and unhappy pretty quick.

That means if you are moving house, make sure that you involve them in the process of choosing the theme and furnishings so they will be comfortable. If you are

moving interstate with Budget Self Pack Containers, remember to put the kid’s boxes at the front so they can be unpacked and settled in first.


Kid’s room are not only places in which they sleep and do homework, but also a land of magical imagination. In their rooms, they can go anywhere and be anyone that their hearts desire. That why the best kids rooms have elements that help to facilitate their play.


Things like wall murals, mobiles, and even posters can all act as a way of stimulating your child’s imagination. As can playhouses, which come in a variety of different styles to fit any theme.


Of course, once all the play is done for the day, then your child’s room should be able to act as a quiet haven to help them get a good night’s rest. It’s a good idea to have some decent storage so that any mess can be packed away before bedtime. Too much clutter can feel claustrophobic and stop them getting off to sleep properly.


You can also try blackout blinds to help with our kids sleeping patterns. They are an invention that will allow you to dictate your child’s bedtimes. They will stop the excuse ‘it’s still light outside’ dead in it’s tracks. It also stops too much light getting in in the early morning, so makes the occasional lie in for the whole family a bit more likely.


Most kids rooms have to act as a multipurpose space for play, sleep, and homework. Children do get set quite a bit of independent study work to do in their own time these days. So it’s crucial that they have a quiet place, which they can work comfortably and concentrate.


For this reason, the best kids rooms have a desk set with a chair and a light. Include a few draws under the desk to store supplies like pens paper and pencils. Or you can use this cart for Ikea as a mobile homework station.