What’s Your Bedroom Style?

If you’ve been following along for some time now you’ll know I love to style a bedroom.  I think my own bedroom has had so many styles I’ve literally […]

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Outdoor Jobs For Sunny Days

Welcome to spring! As summer is only a couple of months away, you will probably want to get your home in order ready for all that good weather. If […]

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20 Things To Start Doing

As if we don’t already have a enough on our plate with our busy lives.  The thought of adding more to our day is so daunting until you take […]

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Cool Things To Share

With Spring truly upon us and with the days getting longer, it’s about this time we think about a revamp of our interiors, a new project or setting up […]

Household Cleaning: What Does It Take To Have A Home That’s Spick & Span?

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    Household Cleaning: What Does It Take To Have A Home That’s Spick & Span?

The prospect of cleaning your home probably isn’t one that fills you with joy, unless of course, you suffer from OCD, that is. Regardless of the fact that cleaning […]

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Favorite Pins

I love Pinterest and it’s quite often that I can easily pass away a few hours on it.  If you haven’t already joined, you can take a look at my […]

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The Ultimate Kitchen Makeover Cheat Sheet

You probably already know that your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. Not only is it one of the rooms that is used to […]

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Flower Styling

Styling with flowers can be so much fun.  It really makes your photos come alive.  Nature does that.  I love bright colourful flowers and especially when they are fresh […]

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