As if we don’t already have a enough on our plate with our busy lives.  The thought of adding more to our day is so daunting until you take a read of this.

Did you know it’s the small things that we do daily that can lead to huge changes in our lives.  It doesn’t take much to start off small and then add a few changes every month or even every couple of days if you fee like it.  The more we repeat these changes and do them daily, the more likely they will become a habit.

Life sure passes by quickly so embrace a few of these tips and start to feel healthier, happier and not as stressed (well at least I hope these tips will do that for you!).

Here are my favourite things to do daily.



Drink a lot of water and green tea.



Live in a tidy space.



Enjoy the little things.




Go for a walk, swim, run, bike ride




Don’t judge or compare yourself to others.




Go to bed early.


Here’s the full list for you to take a look at.

What are you going to start doing today?