The prospect of cleaning your home probably isn’t one that fills you with joy, unless of course, you suffer from OCD, that is. Regardless of the fact that cleaning isn’t your favourite pastime, it’s your responsibility to keep your home clean. Because if you don’t, you’ll end up living in a big old mess, and the chances are, your home will lose value because of it.


If you’re going to one day sell your home and (hopefully) make a profit on it, you need to take care of it. Believe it or not, homes that aren’t kept clean and tidy tend to end up in a bad state much quicker than homes that are well looked after. The reason for this is because when your house is a mess, you’re less likely to notice a problem. This means that it has plenty of time to get worse before you even realise that it’s there.



So, if you want to keep your home in ship shape, it pays to keep on top of the cleaning. However, many homeowners struggle to know how often they should be cleaning. To make the cleaning process a little easier for you, below is a simple guide to what areas need to be focused on when.


Daily Chores To Complete


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On a daily basis, it’s important to keep on top of small messes. These are things like the washing up, the vacuuming, the washing, and wiping down sides and surfaces. To make this process easier, a steam mop can be an incredibly useful tool, as it’s versatile and quick and easy to use. Daily chores are just as important as bigger weekly and monthly ones, as is you don’t do them; they’ll build up. Often, it’s the small things that can cause the most damage to your home, such as spills on the floor. Say you’ve got hardwood flooring, if something is spilled and not cleaned up quickly, it can damage the wood, causing a stain.

What Needs To be Cleaned On A Weekly Basis?

As for weekly cleaning, this relates more to maintenance tasks, than day to day cleaning. Once a week, it pays to clean your home’s windows. This isn’t only important in terms of cleanliness, but also in relation to the damage a buildup of dirt and grime can cause. Windows that aren’t properly maintained have a tendency to rot, for instance, or at least, the frames do. If you’re not able to clean all of your home’s windows yourself, using a window cleaning service could be a good option. Another weekly cleaning/maintenance task is sweeping the outside of your home to remove any dirt or debris.

Monthly Cleaning Tasks


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Finally, your monthly cleaning tasks should consist of things like cleaning your home’s carpets. Or, washing the curtains, for example, as well as other tasks that don’t need to be done on a daily or weekly basis. These might not seem like necessary tasks, but if you want to keep your home in good shape, it’s important to take the time to take care of it.


There you have it, the household cleaning it takes to ensure that your home is well kept and in good condition.