Welcome to spring! As summer is only a couple of months away, you will probably want to get your home in order ready for all that good weather. If you do all of your DIY work now, you will be able to relax and enjoy the sun once summer is here. And there is no better way to get your property ready for summer than by improving its exteriors. To do that, you just need to carry out these outdoor jobs the next time the sun comes out!


Sort Out The Garden

You need to make sure your garden is all ready for summer. Otherwise, you won’t want to sit out in it in the summer! So, first things first – it’s time to tidy it up and get rid of all the weeds that might have taken over in winter. Rather than using harsh de-weeding chemicals, you should manually remove the weeds. As long as you remove all the roots, they shouldn’t return. You can then fill your flower beds with lots of seeds and bulbs which will grow into bright flowers! Don’t forget that you will probably need to maintain your lawn as well to get it in shape.



Check The Roof

If you have experienced some pretty bad weather over winter, it’ll be necessary to check your roof for any damage or breakages. Even if the weather hasn’t been that bad, you should still get it checked out if it is more than ten years old. You will then know whether you need to get in touch with a firm like Paterson Supplies for any materials to fix it with. Don’t worry if you don’t fancy climbing up into your property to work on your roof – in most cases, it is much safer to hire some roofers to do this for you.



Treat Garden Furniture

If you have had your outdoor furniture in storage for the past few months, now is the time to bring it all out so that you can start to sit out in your garden. You should also treat it as well so that you can leave it outside for a few months and it will be protected from the weather. You should be able to find a treatment in your local homeware and DIY store. If not, order one online.



Brighten up Exterior Paintwork

Now is also a good time to get the paint brushes out and brighten up any paintwork on the exterior of your property. This will brighten it up and help the colour pop. But that’s not the only reason why it’s worth doing. Over time, paint can start to get quite flakey and will look very dated. By scraping away the old coats of paint and repainting, you can help make your exteriors look as good as new. Plus, it can help slightly increase the value of your property by improving its aesthetics.



If you thought that spring was going to be nice and easy, think again! There is a lot that needs to be done before summer gets here!