If you have got children, then you’ll know how fun designing a children’s room can be. You can experiment a little more with color than you have done before, as well as get some really fun and unique accessories. While you can go a little more crazy with the design ideas, it is still a good idea to think about the practical side of things, with things like storage. Keeping some personality is important, though. I bet we all remember what our rooms were decorated like when we were little.

So with that in mind, as well as keeping things practical, here are some key steps to decorating a bedroom for a child, that works for them and their needs, as well as for you and yours

Start with the Bed

At the end of the day, the important part about a bedroom is having a bed to sleep. So it needs to be comfortable, and fit well into the room space that you have. A single bed is by far the most popular choice for a child’s room. But you can get creative with it, depending on what your child wants. For longevity, novelty beds are probably best to be avoided, and just opt to customize it in different ways, like bedding, headboard, drapes, or four-poster style beds. If the bed has room for storage underneath, then that can be really helpful, for their own things or for a spare mattress to be tucked away.


Lighting is important in all rooms in the home, but never more important than in a child’s room. From needing some light if you are nursing in the night, to them needing a little night light through the night, the lighting is important. It isn’t just the main lights or lamps that you need to think about either. From a practical point of view, the light in a room can be a problem at times, especially when the sun rises early. If your child still naps, then being able to make the room darker in the day is a good idea too. So things like roller blockout blinds could be a good idea, even if you want to have curtains for the window as well. If it helps you all to get more sleep then it has got to be a good thing.


In order to have a room that looks as tidy as it can, then some storage at all different levels is going to be a good thing. It could be that you want to get some custom storage build, which can be a good idea if you have a room that is a little unusual in shape. Open shelving is often a good idea too, as it means they can more easily grab what they want, when they want it. Floating shelves can be a good idea, as well as large toy chests on the floor. It will just depend on the size of the room, and how much floor space you have to play with.