While there are hundreds of different lighting options and styles, oyster lights have consistently prevailed as a seamless and low-cost option for lighting in the home. But how do you know if you’re choosing the best oyster light option for your room? Here’s a bit of expert advice from The Lighting Outlet on how to select the perfect oyster light.

Oyster lights are both energy-saving and cost-efficient, and can be placed in any room in your home. Oyster lights are termed as such because these are directly attached or mounted to the ceiling. These are a great choice when it comes to providing illumination in homes with low ceilings.

5 Tips for Choosing Oyster Lights

1.LED – The Lighting Outlet and myself, always recommend choosing LED oyster lights – they’re a great option because their energy efficient meaning they last much longer save on power bills.

2.Lumens – Lumens determine the brightness of your light and therefore the brightness of your room. For LED oysters in a standard size room, we recommend a minimum 2500 lumens closer to 3000 (30 – 40w). However, if you have a small bedroom 3 x 3m use an LED oyster with around 1500 lumens (15 – 20w).

3.Dimmable – There is so much choice when it comes to using quality dimmers so you can easily achieve a slimline look. The Lighting Outlet always recommends selecting a dimmable oyster light for optional brightness. Using a quality dimmer that works on nearly every LED oyster ceiling light – like the Diginet Rotary Dimmer is recommended.

4.Brand – Brands that are high-quality are best for great warranties and ‘integrated LEDs’. ‘Integrated LEDs’ means they are not replaceable with a globe so once they die you need to replace the whole fitting with a licensed electrician. If you buy from quality brands you’ll avoid cheap retailers that feature ‘integrated LED lights’. Buy a quality oyster light that allows replaceable bulbs and/or come with good warranties.

5.Colour Temperature – Most oysters will be around 5000k (a very bright white light) to avoid dark shadows and ensure the oyster lights up a room. Loose some of the harshness and go for a more natural look by installing a dimmable oyster. The Lighting Outlet recommends a 4000k oyster light which has a warm tinge but still a natural whitish colour.

Final Tips & Thoughts On Choosing An Oyster Light

When buying oyster lighting look to buy high quality brands only and order a spare because it just may become discontinued in a few years and you will want to match the existing fittings.

LED ceiling lights last up to 10 times longer and are a great option when choosing the right light fitting.

Oyster lights are termed as such because these are directly attached or mounted to the ceiling. Also called surface mounts, flush mounts, or ceiling lights, oyster lights can be placed in any room in your home and are a great choice for homes with low ceilings.

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