Staying in a luxurious hotel is always a great way to unwind, relax and let all the stresses of the world fade away. One of the best ways to take a short break is to stay in a posh hotel. But, have you ever thought what actually makes a hotel stay so wonderful? It’s a luxurious experience achieved through a layering of linens and elements, many of which can be applied in your own home with a little imagination.

Create a Mindful Space

High-end hotel rooms are usually equipped with an armchair and table to invite reading and focused activity. Use your favourite statement chair as it was intended and create a spot to spend time in quiet reflection. Most of us like to jump on the bed and take an afternoon nap. Ensure the bed has beautiful soft plump pillows and good quality pillowcases to make it a comfortable spot to read or rest. The importance of a perfectly fitted pillowcase crafted with quality fabrics and designs is one way to create that hotel feel.

Tuck in Your Sheets

Rather than a quick pull-up of the bed sheet, why not put care and effort into folding hospital corners and tucked-in sheets every morning. Even if you loosen them as you climb in at the end of the day, you’ll appreciate your early efforts and focus on your immediate surroundings to unwind. Quality deep sheets will ensure they feel luxurious and soft as you jump into bed. HoteLuxe’s 400 thread count 50cm Queen Fitted Sheets suitable for high mattresses or mattresses with toppers or underlays are a luxury every bedroom needs.

Go Five Star with Your Linen

There’s a lot you can do to prepare your room for a restful night in. Turn down the sheets, dim the lights, fold away your clothes and fill your water glass. Relax. Going five start with your linen will instantly make you feel like you are in a five star hotel and is totally worth the investment.

Simplify Your Bed

Now we all love the power of throw cushions to add your own style and a great way decorate your bed. Just don’t overdo it! Since you don’t actually employ staff to remove them from your bed each night, keep it streamlined and simple for the ultimate hotel experience. Same goes with your bed linen and sheets, keep it simple but high quality.

All we need now is to find a way to get room service to deliver breakfast to your bedside, now that would be a five-star hotel experience!