Have I told you how much I love Three Birds Renovations. Everything about their style, budget and creativity is on point. They have renovated 11 houses now and house 11 would have to be a favourite.

For their eleventh project they renovated in suburban Sydney. A home to a lovely family of five, this house is your typical Aussie plain Jane, double-storey, brick build. It has a great sized block but is definitely lacking street appeal. So Three Birds Renovations got stuck to work and have a look at what they’ve come up with. A Hampstons renovation packed full of style.

You can watch as they transform the huge outdoor area into a suburban oasis here. They reveal the pool, alfresco area and bar in this amazing transformation.

You can view more images here of House 11. I am sure you’ll be inspired. Head over also for a full ‘where to shop’ which is always handy if you love any items you see.

Happy reading.