When you consider home renovations or remodelling, the chances are that you look at the interior of your home. You often overlook the exterior facade of your dwelling. After all, you spend most of your time rustling up a feast in the kitchen, chilling out after a hard day’s work in front of the TV and enjoying a long hot soak in the tub. However, the facade of your humble abode is the first thing that passers by and visitors see when they walk past your home or venture up your driveway. You could have the most glorious interior full of design flair and homely comforts, but what if your windows are grubby, your gutters a filthy and the paint is peeling from your front door.

Every aspect of your home should look fresh and welcoming; not just the interior of your home. Take a look at these curb appeal hacks that will have your pad turning heads for all of the right reasons.

Tidy Up Your Garden

If you are fortunate enough to have a little patch of greenery at the front of your pad, utilize it and make a feature of it. Don’t allow your lawn to become overgrown, weeds to take hold or a scene like the day of the triffids to emerge. You need to mow the grass regularly, and add splashes of colour with some flowering plants in some newly created borders. If you don’t have a standard garden, it doesn’t mean that you cannot add some foliage and fauna. Plant some pots and put up some hanging baskets. If you have a lovely period bay, consider installing some window boxes. Pansies, marigolds, daffodils and hyacinths are delightful happy plants that a colorful and will make your driveway sing.

Look Up

If you avert your gaze upwards, you may find that the roof on your dwelling is looking a little worse for wear. At best you may have some moss and muck on your tiles. If this is the case, you can either venture up a ladder yourself, or you may prefer to get a pro in to clear the overgrowth. The same goes for your guttering. Having your gutter cleaned is quick and simple, and can prevent your gutters from eroding or deteriorating before they should. Professional companies will use the latest technology to ensure that your guttering and roofing looks as good as new.

If your tiling is looking a little worse for wear, you have missing tiles or your rafters are suffering from damp or rot, you need to take more drastic steps to overhaul your exterior. This isn’t just for curb appeal and aesthetics, but also for the maintenance of your home. Re-roofing may cost you a dent in your savings pot, but this will be worth it to add value to your home.

Focus On Your Door

The front door of your home is like the eyes to your own soul. You need something that expresses your personality. The black painted front door is sophisticated but also common. Instead, why not opt for a composite. These well made and resilient doors enhance the security of your dwelling. They come in many sizes with all sorts of features. You could add a triple glazed and super reinforced piece of stained glass to add a touch of flair. Or perhaps you fancy an unusual colour for your front door. A canary yellow creates a bold look, or perhaps you’d prefer a classy duck egg blue. Paired with stunning chrome effect or gun metal grey fittings, and you could have a unique facade.

Clear The Path

It’s vital that you have a clear and clean walkway to your front door. If you have weeds peering through the cracks of your concrete, you need to ensure that you whip out the power washer and blast your driveway. These are fantastic at clearing moss and the crevices of your paving. You will also see the many levels of dirt lift from your driveway, revealing a clearer and tidier walkway.

Your bins can appear unsightly. However, by building a small shelter and hiding your bins away from the sightline of others, you will find your driveway appearing less cluttered.

Curb appeal is all about making people look at your home for all of the right reasons. You don’t want them gawping at weeds, clutter and a deteriorating facade. Instead, you want people to see your home as the best house on the street, the pad that people aspire to live in and that turns heads for all of the right reasons. Use this guide to help arm you with curb appeal hacks for your pad.