I can’t believe my youngest turned 8 the other day!  The happiest kid in town is getting older way to quickly for my liking.

Archer celebrated with his friends and had requested a Minecraft cake of course.  When we arrived at the venue, the people running the party exclaimed ‘ not another Minecraft cake ‘!  So popular with this age group apparently.

Archer had so much fun at his party with all his friends.

I filled his bedroom with 8 balloons.  It was a surprise when he came home from school.

I wish he would stop growing up.  I love this age at the moment, easy to please, willing to learn and so much fun to be around.

Archer got very spoilt at his party – Thank you to everyone for all the amazing gifts.

A special shout out to Three Sweeties in Melbourne who are the best in town at baking cakes.

Happy Birthday Archer!