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You may be happier with the results when you make your renovation project personal to you and the family. Thinking about what the changes mean for you is a good foundation for springboarding the job with some DIY tasks and professional assistance for expert jobs.

Add Some Personal Flair

It’s the personal touches that make a house a home. Colours, textures, and structural decisions alike dictate how the project ends up and, ultimately, how happy you are with it. Artwork and decorative items are also key considerations. And the materials also come into play when renovating a home. As part of a sustainable home, materials such as bamboo, perspex, and hardwoods will help create the aesthetic home you want while appealing to your lifestyle.

Consider What the Changes Mean

The personal connection to your home is critical, especially when paying a lot of money. If it goes wrong, you may not have the funds to change things. And a disconnect from your home will cause increased stress. Consider whether certain aesthetics make you comfortable, evoke specific memories, or bring out certain emotions. For these reasons, it is advisable that every change is carefully considered for the rooms you use to cook, relax, or bond with the family.

Make Your Renovation Personal with Simplicity

Things can and do go wrong with renovations. Around 33% of people who undertake a renovation project end up unhappy with the results. There are many things that need to be considered when renovating a home. But one of the most powerful methods of avoiding disappointment is to not overthink things. Keeping it simple and sticking to standard design guidelines will ensure a satisfying result. Then, it’s a case of personalising the usable space.

Find Professionals Who Understand

Of course, you will need expert help for a renovation unless you are a skilled contractor who can do it all. Believe it or not, some people can. However, most of us need a professional touch with most things. Because of this, it is worth taking the time to find contractors who understand the importance of working to what you want and not what they can fit in. The vision of your home and what you need it to be is crucial, but be aware that extra charges may also apply.

Balance Some DIY with Expert Services

By its very nature, your home is personal. It is where you relax, raise a family, and plan your life. A good home is visually pleasing, spacious, and safe. But ultimately, you make your home what it is. Getting involved in the renovation will help you feel much more attached to your home. Of course, there are things you cannot do. But where can you imprint yourself on the home to feel the bond? This is best done in intimate areas such as the living space and the bedroom.


Adding personal flair will make your renovation personal on a deeper level. However, it is also best to keep it simple to avoid disappointment and get stuck in with DIY to form a connection.