There’s an abundance of options when you are looking to upgrade your home, and one of the best ways to make a grand impression is to makeover the garden. While people talk about the kitchen being the hub of the home, the garden, for our money, is the close runner-up. A garden doesn’t just increase the real estate value, but it adds an extra dimension to your home. But a stylish back garden can be difficult to achieve, and with an abundance of options out there, we may not know which avenue to go down. Let’s provide some inspiration for you.

A Talking Piece 

When you are trying to make a great impression with your back garden, it can be very easy to go over the top. A lot of people go for expansive (and expensive) pieces like an outhouse but when you think about the overall practicality of the garden which ties in with your home as well, a talking peace can straddle both aspects safely. A swimming pool is something that goes great with Australian sunshine, and so, if you have the space, it’s worth trying this. Besides, with the abundance of swimming pool tiles, you can make sure that it stays stylistically in keeping with your garden’s aesthetics. A swimming pool can be an extravagant purchase, but a swimming pool is the envy of most people out there!

Using Simple Colours 

Think about your overall colour scheme. It’s important to ensure that you go more natural than modern. If you install a swimming pool or another major talking piece, it’s crucial to have the colours balance this out. Think about your colour base; something like white and green helps to create an elegant feel. You can implement this with limestone paving. What you could create a patio area with this colour. And then once you have your base in place, think about adding extra texture. If you have fences, painting them white helps to go with the limestone paving.

Making The Most Of Basic Plants 

Thinking about a garden means that you’ve got to incorporate various sorts of plants or greenery. The big problem we have with plants is that they can easily over grow, and if we don’t keep on top of them, they will get the better of us. What you need to do, as well as ensuring you are able to keep on top of these things, is to use the plants to hold the garden together. You need to create a sense of order, which can be achieved by using repeat patterns. As well as this, think about the structure of the plants. While there’s plenty of plants that grow up and out, you might want to think about something different, such as box balls, and this helps to create a useful contrast with different shapes and sizes while still providing a semblance of order.

As well as this you can think about lighting, ornaments, and other items of furniture. Stylistically speaking the garden is a blank canvas, so paint on it!