Ever wanted to build your own home? A self-build can be a lot of effort but it could allow you to create the home of your dreams by designing ever feature. Here are some of the key things to consider when opting for a self-build.

Finding the land

Before you can build a house, you need to acquire the land to build it upon. Buying land can be the most expensive part of a self-build in many cases – most people take out a land loan. Finding undeveloped land may require living on the outskirts of a city. Another option is to look into knock down rebuilds, costing more but potentially giving you access to a better location. You should always hire a land surveyor to ensure that it’s safe to build on your land. Looking into planning approval is also important.

Financing the build

Most people finance a self-build using a specialised self-build mortgage. There are lots of lenders that offer self-build mortgages, so it’s worth spending time shopping around and possibly hiring the help of a mortgage broker. Affording the deposit may require selling you old home, so you might want to look into temporary rented accommodation whilst your new home is under construction. Make sure to budget for this on top of all the design and constructions costs.

Designing your home

When designing your home, you’ll want to hire an architect who can cover every essential detail. There are home development companies that specialise in new builds. These professionals will be able to design your dream home whilst considering practicalities such as local planning laws and building code. They’ll also be able to keep within your budget.

Hiring contractors

Next, you’ll need to hire contractors to handle the actual building process. An architect may be able to recommend a team of contractors. Meanwhile some self-build home development companies may already have contractors that you can use. Whatever the case, you should shop around for these services early. Some people feel confident to handle some of the building process themselves, however even the most experienced handyman will still likely need some help simply to speed up the process.

Sourcing materials

Finding the right materials is also important. Contractors may be able to do this for you, however you could save money on commission by sourcing materials yourself. Make sure that you know the exact measurements and exact types of material you need. Reclaimed materials can sometimes be cheaper.