Life isn’t always easy.  It seems the older I get the more unhappy people seem to be.  Or is it that I just notice this a bit more.  Whether it’s be because of relationship problems, work, work/family balance, it made me take a look at the important issue which is what makes us a happy person?  How do happy people get through a rough day.  Here are 10 things incredibly happy people do.



1.They Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Quite simple, happy people don’t let the little things get to them.    Bad days happen and that’s that.  There are disappointments, mishaps, accidents but they don’t let the little things in life get them down.  Happy people focus on the happy moments.



2.They Plan Getaways

Even if you can’t afford big long trips, a weekend away or even day at the beach is a good way to unwind and relax.  Getaways allow you to take a step away from the every day and appreciate the little things in life.  A habit happy people do quite often.




3.They Say Thanks

Just by saying ‘thank you’ can brighten someones day.  Life is so busy and often we forget our manners.  Just a thank you to the guy who made your coffee and the checkout lady can make their day happier and in return yours also.




4.They go Off line

Do you suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out).  Well it seems this is a real issue in today’s society.  Obsessing over social media is not healthy and making yourself unplug is such great thing.  I recently unplugged from Facebook as I found it such a negative environment.  I focus on the postives of Instagram and I haven’t look back.



5.They Don’t Blame the Past

Don’t focus on what went wrong in the past.  Focus on positive and meaningful future.  When you stay positive you will be a lot happier.



6. They Get Their Beauty Rest

When you feel tired, you feel agitated, fuzzy in the head and unmotivated.  Getting a good nights rest is such a great way to start your day in a happy mood.  Make sure you get to bed early so you can get up and have a great day.




7. They Get Moving

Moving your body with exercise releases happy endorphins and all in all it is so good for you.  Make exercise part of your daily/weekly routine and I guarantee you will be a happier person.




8.They Don’t Compare Themselves to Others

We are not all the same.  We have different dreams, goals, achievements.  That’s what makes us unique so don’t compare yourself to others.  Your journey in this world is different to everyone else’s and you should be happy with your own path.  Happy people are not jealous but are happy for everyone including themselves.


9. They Turn A To Do List Into A Game

No one likes chores but happy people set goals and make their to do list a challenge.  Accomplishing a to do list can leave you feeling like you have accomplished something, even if its just the mundane jobs around the house.  Happy people use this energy to give themselves a pat on the back.




10.They Turn Mistakes Into Lessons

Everyone makes mistakes as no one is perfect.  Happy people learn from their mistakes and look at it as a progression of moving forward.  You can easily beat yourself up over simple mistakes but look at them as lessons.  Learn what went wrong and move on from that.



Do you know someone that needs cheering up?  Maybe these happy tips might brighten their day.

Stay happy peeps!