Did you know that how you spend your morning sets the tone for your whole day?  Time to listen up and get up because here are 10 things productive people do before lunch.  If you want to live a stress free, happier life, then get the most out of your mornings and follow these tips.


1. Take a quiet time for yourself everyday.

Just 10 minutes a day to focus, live in the moment and will put your mind at ease so you can be the best version of yourself.

2. Get up early.

Morning people are apparently more proactive and willing to take action.  Getting up early also means you have time to organise your thoughts and start the day with a fresh mind.

3. Drink water.

I drink lots of water and it’s actually the first thing I do in the morning.  This fires up the metabolism and gets your body ready for a productive morning.


4. Eat Breakfast.

Eating a good, healthy breakfast will stop those mid morning cravings as well put you in good stead for the day with higher levels of concentration and focus.

5. Exercise.

Morning exercise reduces stress and charges your productivity.  People who exercise are more likely to perform better during the day as the exercise has put them in a great mood.  I run early in the morning and I know it charges me up for the day.

6. Tidy Up.

Organised people take a few extra minutes in the morning to tidy up.  Clearing away the clutter, clears your mind so you are ready to tackle the day.


7.  Make the bed.

Apparently this gives you a greater sense of well being but for me I love to see the bed made when I come home from a long day.

8. Avoid digital distraction.

Organised people set tasks and then do them without being distracted by the temptation to check their phones and see what’s been happening on Instagram.  Make a time to check in on social media and don’t let it distract you from the task at hand.

9. Make a To Do list.

Action a to do list and check off things as you go.  Productive people always have a do to list and tick the box once they have achieved a certain task.


10. Tackle the hardest thing on the To Do list FIRST.

Then the rest of the day is down hill from there on….

Are you a productive, organised person?