Have you always wanted to revamp your home, but just did not know where to start? A lot of people are lost at what to do to make their home more exciting and feel new again. There are many decisions to be made on colours, construction, and various other things around your home. There are so many trends you probably didn’t even know were possible. Here’s 3 home trends you probably didn’t know existed to get you moving in the right direction.



Most people think small when they plan a revamp of their home. Once they begin, they get an itch to do more and more. If you have been unsure of where to start, think about what you are doing with the space under the stairs.


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Most people use this as storage, or an easy-to-access closet. There’s nothing wrong with this – it’s efficient and perfectly acceptable. Have you thought about transforming this space into something that is accessible all the time though? Think small computer room, study space, or reading nook. While the space is rather small and unyielding, the possibilities for transformation are actually endless. Just use your imagination and pair that with the needs of your family. Do your children have a proper place to do their homework? Do you like to sit down quietly with a cup of tea and read a book? Is your dog’s bed constantly getting in the way? Change the space to work for you.


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Think building blocks, but with your house. Remember when you were young and you stacked blocks as high as you could, making unusual shapes that were creative, yet still remained block-like. Modular housing uses the most affordable and durable materials to create a house that will withstand the elements, decrease your energy footprint, and look really cool too! Companies like Pop Blocks  specialise in modular architecture by bringing a futuristic element to your house, even if you only want to add an addition to an already standing structure. Modular housing creates liveable homes that are relatively inexpensive. You can get even more creative by adding decks, balconies, and garden patios.


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Smart technology is taking the world by force. Is your house well suited to follow your technology? If you didn’t already know, many people are now equipping their homes to be able to speak to them just the same as their phones, and even their cars. You probably already know that you can talk to your at-home cable box through an app to check listings and record shows while you are out. Take that, but think bigger, like security systems, electrical wiring, and so on. You can easily download apps to your phone that will allow to you monitor the status of your house while you are away for long periods, or even while at the office. Left a light on? No worries – just use your app to turn it off from work. Simple research will help you decide what new tech to adopt for your home.


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As housing trends can come and go, you simply have to choose the ones you can live with and enjoy for a while. What have been your favourite trends?