I love blogging, I really do, and from what started off as a small hobby has now grown into a busy little business for myself.  As many of you already know I am a busy Mum of three kids ( who I must say are very busy themselves) and I also work one day a week for my husband’s construction company.  Blogging has given me the flexibility to work around all of this.  It means I can work remotely ( for e.g when my little boy has swimming lessons) or slot in a few hours here and there.  When Officeworks asked me to jump on board to help share 5 benefits of workplace flexibility I was more than happy to share my top tips.


1. Work When It Suits You

More often than not my work gets thrown on the back burner.  Whether it’s because of life’s interruptions like helping kids with homework, school pickups, household duties I needed a job that I was able to work when it suits me.  Blogging is great in the fact that it can be early in the morning or whilst I’m waiting in the car at the school.  Being able to work like this is fantastic.  I love this Crest Laptop bag ( shown above) to keep my laptop handy if I need it.


2. Work When You Go Away

Now I know this is not ideal but sometimes you just want to check in on things like your emails, comments on your blog or any messages that may be of some importance.  The Fusion II suitcase is 78cm tall and is able to carry all my stuff .  I love the fact I can pack up my business and take it anywhere, it makes it so flexible.  We are off on a family holiday at the end of the year and I know this will come in very handy.



3. Work At The Coffee Shop

Sick of being at home all the time.  It can be a little isolating so sometimes I move my office to the local cafe.  Armed with a trusty Korjo Comp Windproof umbrella (good old Melbourne weather), the Logi Type+ case for my iPad air 2, a set of DD-Insystem headphones to block out noise and a Logi M280 wireless mouse I can quickly get to work and sip away on my skinny latte.


4. Work Smarter With All The Latest Gadgets

Wifi, 4G, laptops, Ipads, Wireless Mouses, Iphones all make it so easy to work remotely.  However I still like to carry around notepads and pens like these gorgeous A5 notebooks so I can still jot down notes.  Sometimes you need a little bit of prettiness in your life.


5. Working Remotely Offers Choice

Choice to work when you like, where you like and how you like and with Officeworks, work wherever campaign they have made it super easy to get you set up with all the latest gagdets and tools.


So I hope this has provided you with the information and tools to allow you the flexibility of working remotely.  There are so many options to make you look super stylish and high tech.

This post is brought to you by Officeworks.

Officeworks items were gifted for this blog post.