We all want that clutter free look in our homes but we also want to display all the stuff we love.  It’s a balance that is sometimes hard to achieve but with these 5 design tips for a clutter-free home you’ll be on your way to feeling confident with your home and all it’s stuff.


1. Seize any opportunity to capture light in your home.  Open blinds and curtains and let the light stream into your workspace.  Light makes spaces seem larger and therefore less cluttered.


2. Simple accessories, a simple shelf, minimal accessories, all help create that clutter free look.  Try recessed shelves and mirrored cabinets for bathrooms to keep areas free of mess.


3. Go for neutrals with linen, wall colour and accessories so that colours pop and don’t look to fussed.  This works well in kids bedroom where they tend to have a lot of clutter.


4. Your dining room isn’t a space that get’s used everyday, as we don’t entertain everyday.  Make sure you have plenty of storage to hide all the things you don’t use daily and only display the things that you love.  Display a simple vignette on the dining table so the space can still be used.


5.  Keep your front entry clear from clutter.  This is the first impression guests will have when they arrive at your home.  Keep all shoe baskets hidden and keep the area swept and clean so that everyone feels welcome.


I hope these tips have helped you to be on your way to a clutter free home.