I snap all my photos with my iPhone 6+.  I know a lot of bloggers who do this aswell.  Some of you might find this unbelievable, but it’s true the iPhone really does take great photos.


Not only have you always got your iPhone with you but you also have access to a pretty amazing camera.  With the help of a few tips and and a good eye, you too can take some amazing photos.

My 5 photography tips for bloggers and instagram addicts like me

1.Natural Light


I know I have said this before but natural light is so so important.  When you take your images in natural light they are crisper and clearer.  I use my coffee table in my lounge room which has the best north facing natural light.  Find a space in your home, studio, office that has great light and give it a go.  Your images will look so much better.



When I see colour it makes me feel happy and that is what I want my readers/followers to feel when they see my images.  I love adding colour to my photos so hopefully it brightens everyones day.  Give it go, find some colour and add it into your photos.

3.Props and Background


Donuts make the perfect props.  Everyone loves donuts.  Put them on a cake stand with a crisp clear background and the donuts are the star of the show.  Think about what props you are using when taking your photos.  I love adding greenery and flowers and throw in a cupcake and a cute notebook and pen and you have an interesting, cute photo for your blog or instagram.   Change your background by using Autumn leaves from the garden, used wrapping paper that you love or an old newspaper, this will keep it interesting.



Filters make the world of difference.  I use my iPhone to take all my instagram and blog images and sometimes there isn’t the best light.  That is where the magic of filters comes in.  Have a play around with the filters on instagram and see how you can dramatically change your images.  I use a few different filters on my photos.  You’ll be amazed at what a filter can do.



Play with the angles of your photos.  Think vertical, horizontal and really any angle that suits what you are trying take a photo of.  Play around with it and take several images till you get the right angle and you like the look.  I love overhead shots as well as side on.

I hope these little tips will help you.  What are some of your photography tips?  I’d love to hear from you.