Styling your bedroom isn’t hard when you know a few of the tips that the stylists use.  You’ll be styling away in not time at all.  Here are 5 steps to style your bedroom like a pro and they’re really not that hard at all.  I like to style my bedroom and create a different look every time I wash the sheets. stylingtips_opt

1. Bedhead/Headboard

Choose a bedhead that you like as this will set the tone of the room.  I like to keep mine neutral and throw in pops of colour with other decorator items.  You may like a plush bedhead, or you may like a bed head that is plain, but whatever you choose it will give your bed character.

bedrooma 3_opt

2. Bedside Tables

Choose bedside tables that are suitable for your space.  No point in choosing something that is oversized and looks squashed in when things are tight.  Think outside the box when it comes to bedside tables and use stools, boxes or even old crates.


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3. Bedside Lighting

Lamps are a great source of lighting in the bedroom and don’t have to match.  In fact you can just have one lamp if you like.  I only have one bedside lamp in my bedroom.  Also think about hanging some pendant lights each side of your bed.  This will add some symmetry to your room and there are thousands of pendant lights to choose from.


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4. Linen

The most important aspect with your linen is choose what you love.   I like to keep my linen (sheets and quilt cover) all white/neutral and then mix and match colour with cushions, accessories and pillowcases.  Here I have used Aura pillowcases and picked up the colour palette with a few cushions and accessories.  Mix and match pattern with your cushions and pillowcases to add interest.



5. Add A Throw Blanket


For that magazine look add a throw on the end of the bed.  Use a throw that has texture and colour and that is suited to your colour scheme.  This will make the bedroom inviting and look cosy.  Add thicker throws in Winter and user lighter fabrics in Summer.  You can mix and match your throws and cushions to create several different looks.


So now you are armed with a few tips and tricks to style your bedroom like a pro.  Have fun and send me some pictures of your finished rooms, I’d love to see.