There has been so much talk about styling, creating vignettes and creating a look for your home lately.  The way our home looks is a reflection of who we are but sometimes we struggle to create that look.  You know, the look that is in the magazines.

Today I share 5 simple styling tips that you can do in your home.  Try them out, see if they work.  Play around with a few things and see how you go.  It’s all about trial and error and seeing what you like.

1.  Add greenery.  Whether it’s an indoor plant or a foraged branch.  Greenery will instantly add life to your space.



2. Think about lighting.  Not only does a lamp create an atmosphere at night but during the day a funky lamp can add interest to a corner or side table.myweek4_opt


3.  Use objects that you already have to create little vignettes.  Think books, pencils, washi tape stacks.  All these things put together can create a cute little styled vignette.  Have a look at what you have at home.  Put it all together, stand back and see if you like it.



4.  Buy cushions you love.  I have a small cushion addiction but I can guarantee that each and every cushion I absolutely love.  I also love to mix and match colours, textures and patterns.



5. Group similar objects together and use a tray to hold them all.  You can place this on your coffee table, or side table.  Trays are a good focal point for your objects.  I love my trays to be bright and bold so they really stand out.


I get a lot of inspiration from magazines.  You can create similar looks and get a lot of ideas from the experts just by reading an interior magazine.


Most importantly have fun.

styling 1_opt