It’s no secret that I love a bit of colour in my home.  Most people would love to add a bit of happiness with colour but shy away from doing it because they think they might get it wrong.


Today I am going to give you 5 little tips on how to bring some colour into your home.

1. Be inspired by nature.  Take a look outside or in your garden and take a lead from there.  Maybe you have some flowers that are blooming that all look great together.  Bring those colours inside with accessories like cushions and throws.



2. Get emotional with colour.  Colour represents an array of emotions.  Red can represent fire, blue the air and sea, yellow the sun.  Use these emotional associations to bring colour to your room.  Perhaps a blue throw for your bed in all different shades so that you are reminded of the sea where you relax and unwind.


3.  Bring colour into a neutral room with artwork.  Buy a piece that you really love and introduce colours from the artwork into the room.


4. When accessorising avoid using the colour only once.  Repetition will create unity and bring the room together.  I have a hot pink tray but accents of pink are picked up in my spotty cushion and framed artwork to tie it altogether.


5. Lastly don’t be afraid.  If you really love a piece and are drawn to it chances are you will be attracted to other pieces in the same colours.  I find I am constantly drawn to pink and yellow.  Whether it’s cushions, side tables or artwork.  It works for me because I love these colours.  So my advice, just go for it.

I hope these tips have inspired you to bring some colour into your home.

Let me know how you go!