Today I share my 5 tips for a tidy office space. The home office is becoming more and more popular with people working from home, blogging from home or just running the household. Working from a tidy, chic office space will ensure creativity and keep productivity levels high.  I know that I am often inspired and feel organised in my own office space.  After all it’s a place you are going to be sitting at so why not have it chic and tidy.  I hope these tips help you out.



1. Clear the Clutter


Clear the clutter weekly, clear your desk of unwanted papers and notes.  Throw out unwanted papers and file your documents to keep your work space tidy and clean.  That way your will feel far more organised.


2. Filing and Storage


Storage doesn’t have to be an eyesore.  Buy pretty manilla folders for your filing cabinets and in trays.  That way you will be more inclined to file things away.  Keep to a colour palette that you like and that suits your work space.   Buy storage boxes to store all the knick knacks that make your space untidy.  Make sure everything has its own place.


3. Pretty Stationery


Buy pretty stationery to make your work space a happy place.  Coming from a stationery addict, I go weak for anything pretty in my home office.  With so many gorgeous places to buy stationery from, why not buy what you love.


4. Accessories


Buy accessories that you actually like.  I love my clear stapler and sticky tape holder and my white pencils.  It’s all about making your work space chic and inviting and if you buy some cute accessories you will love using them too.


5. Vision Board


I have a inspiration or vision board on my desk.  I am constantly swapping things around and changing it constantly.  I keep gift tags, notes and cards I have been given.  I keep cutouts that inspire me and words to encourage me.  Instead of keeping these things you love in a messy pile, why not show them off on a vision board.

I hope these ideas have kick started you off to creating your own tidy, chic office space.

A great way to start is to completely empty your office space and follow these 5 tips to get you on your way, let me know how you go.