We all want a good nights sleep right?  It’s so important to get a good nights rest and when we lay down in bed and put our head on the pillow we want to have a good sleep right the way through the night.  Lot’s of factors can play into whether we have a good sleep or a bad sleep. Pressures at work, family responsibilities,  stress and unexpected challenges.  So today I share 5 tips to a good nights sleep to see you through to the next morning and be bright as a button.


1.Have A Sleep Schedule

Going to bed at the same time every day and getting up at the same time will help reinforce your sleep-wake cycle.  This consistency will help your body form a regular routine to hopefully ensure you get a full nights rest.


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2.Limit Daytime Sleeps

Feeling like a little nap during the day.  Try to hold off especially if you’re struggling to have a good nights sleep.  That way when you do get to bed you’ll feel tired and your body will hopefully sleep soundly all night.


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3. Limit Caffeine Intake

We all know coffee and drinks that contain caffeine are the perfect pick me up when we are feeling tired.  So try to limit these drinks especially in the afternoon to ensure when your head hits the pillow you will go to sleep soundly.


4. Include Physical Activity Into Your Day

Regular activity can help promote a better nights sleep.  I know this as after a big run I feel completely exhausted.  My body cannot wait to get to bed for a rest.  Try not to exercise to closely to bedtime or this could have the reverse effect.


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5. Get Comfortable

Being comfortable in bed and creating a room that is ideal for sleeping in is essential.  Cool, dark and quiet are the key tips for the bedroom.  Finding breathable bedding like high quality wool quilts, blankets and toppers like the ones from MiniJumbuk are perfect for your bed.  Wool can pretty much guarantee anyone to a full nights sleep.

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So I hope these tips have helped you out if you’re struggling to get a good sleep. In the fast paced world we live in the last thing we need is to be sleep deprived.


Oh, and having gorgeous linen and surrounding yourself with luscious cushions can help too.