Ever flicked through Instagram or Pinterest and thought wow everything she is so stylish, how can I get that look?  Pretty simple really.  So here is a quick chic guide to learning about what the 6 things  are that every stylish girl has at home ( or guy for that matter, lets not forget about them).

1. Bursts of Colour.  Bring life to your space with bursts of unexpected colour.


2. Flowers.  Fresh florals and greenery add life to your home.myweeksept2_opt

3. Vignettes.  Have Instagram worthy vignettes set up in your home for instant style.


4. Add a picture/gallery wall.  Mix and match art, images and frames which add interest to any wall.


5. Art.  Add unique art to your home that will add character.  Try framing tea towels that you love.


6. Coffee Table Style. Clean up that coffee table and add some stylish books, flowers and accessories you love.


What’s your trick to having a stylish home?  Have you got any tips you can share?