It can be easy to play it safe with our homes. All too often we stick to a regimented design of white walls, blue bathrooms, and generic furniture arrangements. It can be difficult to know how to transform our houses into more or a home. It’s especially difficult if you have a vision but aren’t sure how to execute it. Here are some suggestions for adding the elusive ‘wow factor’ to your home…

Bespoke Gardens

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Gardens can serve so many different functions. Some of us want to use them as a space to relax. Alternatively, they can be used as an area for entertaining guests. Whatever we use them for, we should pay far more attention to them. They are huge areas of our house that are often overlooked.

If you have the time and passion to do it yourself, there are lots of great landscaping guides online. They’ll take you through the tools, plants, and flowers you’ll need to achieve the look you’re going for. If you’re less sure of what you’re after or want help executing your vision, seek a specialist’s help. Pepo, for instance, has a team of landscape designers, architects, visual artists, horticulturists and construction professionals on hand to help. They help clients to develop their outdoors spaces and turn their visions into serious wow moments.

Creative Kitchen


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Don’t go for a traditional color scheme in the kitchen, get creative instead. There are plenty of ways to make wow moments in the kitchen. They involve some unusual colors, cool styling, and accessories.

Start by considering what color scheme you want to go with. A royal blue and orange work well so does a black and copper. Whatever scheme you go for, avoid white. It’s a traditional kitchen color but can look bland. If you are set on keeping the walls white then make sure your cupboards, cabinets, lights, and table all adhere to a color scheme instead. Invest in a breakfast bar. These are great for having breakfast as a family but also double as a cocktail and snacks space when guests come over. Buy some tall stools for the bar to create a wow moment. Finally get creative with your accessories. If you’re theme, for example, is industrial buy some old school weighing scales. Alternatively get creative with mason jars and other utensil pots.


Beautiful Bathrooms

A sunken bathtub is a great way to make even the most ordinary of bathrooms feel sophisticated and spa-like. If that doesn’t float your boat consider paying attention to your vanity station. Invest in a trough sink and create a his and hers space with a farmhouse or industrial feel. Don’t opt for a standard mirror either choose one that’s gilded or has an interesting feature of some kind.