Aegean Loom was created out of the love of good quality.  It doesn’t have to expensive, but it does have to made beautifully is the quote written by Aegean Loom that describes their hand loomed turkish towels perfectly.


Celebrate Luxury With Hand Loomed Turkish Towels 

In times of the Ottoman, you had to go to Bursa to get some original hand loomed Turkish towels, but today, finding it can be possible from any part of the world. Aegean Loom is an Australian based online shop that has some of the best and most experienced artisans who design and create beautiful towels and Pestamals for you to style up your bathroom or poolside.

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These plush Turkish bath towels are made of 100% organic cotton, with age-old weaving techniques that keep the art form alive. Factory-made towels can in no terms match the quality, delicacy and luxury of towels that the artisans create. Each Pestamal takes several days for a skilled weaver to completely design, weave and finish it. Made with organic cotton of exceptional absorption level, these towels quickly dry after wash.


Hand loomed towels are made from natural resources

Aegean Loom is known for creating naturally beautiful Turkish towels that are better for you as well as for the planet Earth. They are sure that you will enjoy being wrapped in a luxurious Turkish towel made by their artisans. Each and every towel they create is specifically designed to delight your senses and pamper your body.


All of the products, including hand loomed towels and hand blocked cushions, are of highest quality possible, and responsibly created from GOTS certified natural, organic and sustainable natural resources. Aegean Loom aim at earning your trust as a business dedicated to preserving the art form of hand loomed Turkish towels our future generations can feel proud of. With their products, they invite you to love and live with Aegean Loom.

I adore the vibrant colours and have chosen a few of my favorites.



So pop over to Aegean Loom for quality handwoven turkish towels, a perfect time to stock up for yourself or for Mother’s Day which is just around the corner.